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Why doesn't the Pressure Cooker Pressurize? Please Consider the Following Aspects First

Today we're going to talk about why a pressure cooker does not pressurize.

Pressure cooker, also known as pressure pot, is commonly used in our kitchens. It is precisely because of pressure that food can be steamed, thus once the pressure cooker can not pressurize, a lot of food will be undercooked. Although the pressure cooker is not an electrical appliance, its function is basically similar to that of an electric pressure cooker, thus its maintenance also belonging to home appliances.

First of all, we need a monkey wrench and a pair of pliers, as well as a special gasket for vent. Second, place the stainless steel pressure cooker flat on the table with its lid removed. Then remove the pressure limiting valve and cover the vent with a thick cloth and clamp it with pliers to protect the vent from damage.

Third, we turn over the lid, and remove the anti-blocking cap, then remove the nut holding the vent with a monkey wrench, so that the spring washer and nut on the vent can be removed. At this point, we can see that the gasket placed on the vent is probably aging and needs to be replaced with a new one.

Finally, remove the broken gasket and install the new one in the reverse order of removal. However, be sure to carefully check whether the gasket is squeezed out after installation, otherwise the air will be leaked.

After learning the above steps, you can check by yourself at home as long as it is not a big problem! There is no need to spend money on maintenance support, let alone buying a new stainless steel pressure cooker, you can easily solve some small problems!

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