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Why Do We Need Silicone Insulation Pad?

Generally, the tables in our house are made of solid wood or marble, and some are made of glass. The tables of these materials are often elegant and reliable in quality. The food we bring out from the kitchen is generally very hot. Even if the table is of good quality, it cannot withstand the hot pots and bowls placed directly on the table for a long time. In the end, the tabletop often has traces that cannot be erased, which affects the appearance.

In order to avoid this situation that affects the appearance of the table, so there is the appearance of heat insulation pads. The principle of the heat insulation pad is very simple, which is to separate the dining table from the heat source to protect the beautiful surface of the dining table. In the past, bamboo insulation pads and wooden insulation pads were mainly used, but with the development of social technology, cotton insulation pads, linen insulation pads, paper insulation pads and silicone insulation pads appeared.

1. Wooden silicone pads and bamboo silicone pads have poor thermal conductivity of wood and bamboo, so they are best used for heat insulation, which can effectively prevent damage to the dining table, and the shape can be changeable;

2. The cotton heat insulation pad is made of cotton or pure cotton, which is soft and easy to clean. If used with high-grade tableware, it will add luster to the dining table; linen heat insulation pads are similar to cotton heat insulation pads, which are easy to scrub without fading with long service life;

3. The paper heat insulation pad is made of environmentally friendly materials, with good heat insulation, light weight and many styles, but it cannot be washed;

4. Silicone insulation pad, whose material is environmentally friendly and healthy, in addition to excellent temperature resistance, it is also resistant to acid and alkali, with flame resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance, and long life without fading.

Silicone insulation pads can be used in home kitchens, as well as in ovens, refrigerators, microwave ovens, disinfection cabinets, dishwashers, washing machines, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and other entertainment and leisure places. It is generally made of 100% silica gel, and the tolerable temperature range is between -40 degrees and +230 degrees. You can rest assured to use it to hold hot casserole tea cups, etc. It has strong heat insulation and will not fade. The honeycomb silicone insulation pad also has anti-skid effect. The casserole tea cups will not slip due to great friction when placed on it. When pouring liquid into the utensils on the honeycomb silicone heat insulation pad, there is no need to worry about water overflowing and splashing everywhere, because the soup or water will be contained in the honeycomb, effectively protecting the desktop.

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