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Why Did the Pressure Cooker Explode?

While marveling at the culinary potential that they have developed, many of my friends lamented that it is too time-consuming to cook three meals a day. And there is a magical kitchenware that can cook a pot of rice in 15 minutes and stew a pot of meat in 20 minutes. If you put rice and meat in together, you will have the staple food and vegetables. It is a kind of high quality pressure cooker.

Why does the pressure cooker cook food fast?

The reason why the food can be delivered quickly is because the pressure cooker seals the water vapor to allow the steam to gather and form a high-pressure environment. The increased air pressure increases the boiling point of the water in the pot, and the upper limit of the heating temperature in the pot also increases. At higher temperatures, food will be cooked faster. If cooked food is the standard, the heating time with a pressure cooker is shorter, and the loss of food nutrition is also smaller. Of course, if you want your food to be delicious but not just cooked, it can also stew the meat to a soft and delicious taste in a shorter time, making the porridge mellow and sticky.

Causes of pressure cooker explosion

The instructions of each brand of pressure cooker are generally similar, and the reasons for the explosion of each pressure cooker are different, including but not limited to:

1. Too much stuff in the pot and too much water

2. The vent of the pressure cooker is blocked

3. The pressure limiting valve is suppressed

4. The pressure limiting valve was taken down during heating

5. The rubber ring on the lid is loose

6. Violent opening

"Explosion-proof" mechanism of pressure cooker

Of course, the risk of explosion has been considered in the design of the pressure cooker, and it comes with some insurance mechanisms. For example, when the pressure in the pot reaches the preset air pressure, the water vapor will push up the pressure valve and be discharged from the hole under the pressure valve. Many people are afraid to see the exhaust of a pressure cooker. They do not know that the smooth and sufficient airflow drives the pressure limiting valve to rotate, which is precisely the embodiment of its safe work.

The rubber ring on the lid will also be lifted up when the pressure is too high, allowing the vapour to be discharged from the pressure relief groove in the gap of the lid.

The above mentioned are the standard equipment of traditional pressure cookers. With the continuous improvement of technology, high-quality pressure cookers now have safety valves and exhaust valves in addition to pressure limiting valves. The sensing system on the lid ensures that the lid cannot be opened until the pressure in the pot drops to a safe level. Some high-quality pressure cookers can also display the real-time pressure in the pot with visual values, use lights and prompt sounds to remind the exhaust, and use button operations to replace the traditional operation of pulling the pressure limiting valve.

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