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Which is Better? The Pressure Cooker or the Electric Pressure Cooker?

Most people are not clear about the detailed differences between a pressure cooker and an electric pressure cooker.This article will make a comparison of them from all aspects.

1. Pressure cooker has higher pressure and faster compressing speed in contrast with the traditional electric pressure cooker. Besides, owing to better material, the pressure cooker can withstand more pressure. 100kPa is the basic standards for a pressure cooker to bear and it's pretty rare for electric pressure cookers to bear up to 90kPa.

2. Compared with electric pressure cookers, to buy stainless steel pressure cooker is obviously much cheaper. In addition, pressure cooker is convenient to store, maintain, and clean. As the life of the electronic components of the electric pressure cooker also indirectly determines its life, the pressure cooker without electronic components have longer service life.

3. A pressure cooker makes use of the steam valve to control the pressure. Everytime when using a pressure cooker, it is necessary to check the outlet and safety valve to guarantee them in good condition. Also, the safety disc in the safety valve should be inspected and replaced regularly. For electric pressure cooker, in addition to safety factors, it is a micro pressure cooker and cooks food in a sealed state. Because it adopts the way of intermittent heating, that is, heating for a while and stopping for a while, which means it keeps the food in a stewed state and food aroma is sealed inside. Food stewed in this way is less tasty than that cooked in a pressure cooker.

Comparing the various characteristics of pressure cooker and electric pressure cooker, it could be found that the performance of pressure cookers is higher than that of electric pressure cookers. Meanwhile, the pressure cooker can set a automatic cooking process without human care, saving a lot of time and effort. Food cooked by pressure cookers often have unique flavors and are softer because they are made under high temperature and pressure inside the pressure cooker. In  the future, pressure cookers are likely to replace ordinary saucepans and electric pressure cookers to be the top choice for home cooking.

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