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What Should You Do if the Steel Pan Becomes Discolored After Burning?

1. Steel ka pressure cooker

Pressure cooker is a necessity of people's life. In the past, the material of the pot was relatively simple, mainly iron. With the advancement of science and technology, steel pots, pressure cookers, low-pressure cookers, all kinds of pots appear in people's lives. Most pots are made of various metals, so how to deal with the discoloration of the steel pot and pressure cooker during use?

2. How to deal with the discoloration of the steel ka pressure cooker

Tip 1: incense ash. Of course, if you don’t have incense ash in your home, you can use plant ash instead. Put it into the steel pot, do not add water, just wipe it with a dry cloth. And in a while, you will find that the steel ka pressure cooker is as bright as new.

Tip 2: baking soda powder. Put the baking soda powder into the pot, dip a scouring pad with a little water, and then slowly wipe the pot. After a few seconds, the discolored steel pot pressure cooker will return to its original color.

Tip 3: tomato sauce. Put some tomato sauce directly into the stainless steel pot, wipe it with a scouring pad, and then rinse it off. You will find that the small steel pot will become as bright as new. Or you can put a tomato directly in and smash it. This method works well.

Tip 4: First pour half a package of baking soda into a small steel pot, spread a thick layer on the bottom of the pot, and then sprinkle some vinegar on top. Let the baking soda flour paste directly on the bottom of the pot and wash it off after a while. In this way, you will find that the steel pot has been restored to its original appearance.

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