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What Should I Pay Attention to when Using the Pressure Cooker in the Kitchen? How to Use the pressure Limiting Valve?

Precautions for the use of kitchen pressure cooker:

1. Check the pressure limiting valve and safety valve, check whether the pressure cooker can be buckled in place, and whether the gasket on the cover is yellow. Once it is found to be blocked, clean it immediately. If the mouth is not tightly closed, do not use it temporarily. If the buckle is not tight, the gas will leak. Thus, take it for repair or no longer use, the yellow gasket needs to be replaced.

2. Remember not to pack too much food and leave a proper gap between the food and the edge of the cooker. Before closing the lid, make sure that the gas limiting valve is not blocked, and fasten the pressure cooker tightly before opening the fire.

3. Don't rush to open the pressure cooker, wait until the high pressure gas is fully released before you can remove the pressure limiting valve and open the lid.

4. Leakage, rust, deformation of the pressure cooker will lead to loose mouth closure, and the pressure limiting valve will not ventilate. When the above situation occurs, the pressure cooker cannot be used.

5. The use time of the pressure cooker in the kitchen should generally not exceed 5 years, and the upper limit is 5 years. If you use it for too long, the pressure cooker will age and it will be unsafe to use. Remember not to use it over age.

Precautions for the use of pressure limiting valve:

1. When the kitchen pressure cooker starts to work, the pressure limiting valve must be set to the sealed position;

2. Do not add any heavy objects on pressure limiting valve or replace it with other objects;

3. If liquid food (porridge, viscous food) is cooked in the pot, the pressure-limiting valve cannot be deflated immediately, otherwise the soup will be ejected from the exhaust pipe;

4. When turning the pressure limiting valve to deflate, please do not put your hands and face close to the exhaust pipe of the pressure limiting valve to avoid scalding by the discharged steam;

5. The pressure limiting valve should be cleaned in time and checked for blockage before use to avoid explosion.

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