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What Material Is Good to Make Heat Insulation Pad?

Insulation pad is a kind of mat used to separate heat-generating objects and stressed objects. For example, when the insulation pad is placed on the dining table, it can play the role of heat insulation and protection of the dining table. There are many materials for heat insulation pads, such as cotton, paper or silicone heat insulation pads, etc. What material is good for heat insulation pads?

1. Among the many materials of heat insulation pads, cotton placemats are the most common one, and one that appears earlier. Cotton placemats have strong water absorption and can effectively control the heat of the tableware. The reason why people choose cotton placemats is because of their soft material, diverse patterns, exquisite matching, and easy cleaning.

2. Hemp placemats are more durable than cotton placemats, and compared to other materials of heat insulation mats, its heat insulation effect is medium, not only that, it also has a mothproof effect.

3. Although cotton placemats have good heat insulation effect, the heat insulation time is relatively short. Hemp placemats are not as good as cotton placemats. The bamboo placemat is the best among many materials of heat insulation pad.

4. The heat insulation effect of paper placemats is generally more suitable for dessert shops or cafes. In fact, the insulation effect of different placemats is very different. And the heat insulation effect and heat storage effect are the main points we consider.

5. The silicone insulation pad is made of high temperature resistant and environmentally friendly silicone material, designed into a concave-convex, hollow shape, etc., which can fully isolate the scald of high-temperature kitchenware on the countertop. The silicone heat insulation pad is non-toxic, odorless, high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistant, abrasion-resistant, flame-retardant, compression-resistant and non-deformation, good thermal insulation, and long aging-resistant service life.

As for what kind of heat insulation pad is good, it also needs to see under what circumstances everyone uses it. Different heat insulation pads have different effects. Only choosing the one that suits you is the best.

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