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What if the Pressure Cooker Doesn't Open

Stainless steel pressure cooker, as an indispensable tool in many people’s homes, the cooked rice from it is particularly delicious. However, the pressure cooker, generally used to stew, has a shorter cooking time and a particularly good taste. Especially the meat cooked by the best pressure cooker for canning meat is quite soft and tender, so many people prefer to choose a pressure cooker. stainless steel pressure cooker is designed based on its boiling point and pressure, because the higher the pressure, the higher the boiling point. Then, what should be done if the pressure cooker cannot open at home?

First of all, let's confirm whether steam in stainless steel pressure cooker is exhausted. Because pressure cooker cannot be opened with steam remaining, so we must wait for it to exhaust.

Another possibility is that the pressure cooker is left idle for too long, with the pressure inside the pot less than the pressure outside, resulting in its lid hard to open. At this point, we just need to turn on the fire and heat the pot. Also, it happens that the rubber ring in the pot is aging, leading to the cooker hard to open, which is easy to solve. Just apply a layer of peanut oil to the rubber ring and wait for a while. If the pressure cooker used recently cannot be opened suddenly, open both the pressure reducing valve and the safety cap first, and then leave it idle for hours. Finally unscrew them after aligning the holes. Attention should be paid to the technique, instead of brute force.

Although all kinds of cookers are now appearing on the market, do not forget that stainless steel pressure cooker at home, is better applied with a layer of peanut oil near the rubber ring with its lid open before putting it away, so as to avoid it being hard to open. As consumable, the gasket of the pressure cooker should be changed frequently. Otherwise, troubles may arise itself.

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