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What Housewives Should Know: How to Select and Use a Pressure Cooker

1. Choose the right pressure cooker

There are many specifications of the pressure cooker, and you can choose the specifications according to your needs. The pressure cooker has a life span of up to eight years. The stainless steel pressure cookers currently on the market are heat-resistant, beautiful, and do not easily react with acids, alkalis, and salts, and have little effect on health.

When buying a pressure cooker for the first time, be sure to read the pressure cooker instruction manual, and check whether the spare parts for the pressure cooker are complete according to the instruction manual.

2. Do not replace stainless steel pressure cooker accessories of different brands.

In order to increase the pressure, replace the spring fittings and seals on the cover. Improper replacement can easily cause accidents. Be sure to purchase accessories of the same brand for repair and seek professional repairs.

3. Don't put too much food in the stainless steel pressure cooker

You need to cook food according to the capacity requirements of the instructions. If it is expanded food, it must not exceed two-thirds of the pot.

4. There is pressure in the lid of the stainless steel pressure cooker, so it cannot be opened halfway.

During the heating process, do not open the lid halfway. Before the final confirmation of cooling, do not remove the pressure limiting valve or the pressure regulating device, so as not to injure people. The hot air should be cooled naturally or forcedly before opening the lid. For a new stainless steel pressure cooker, if the pressure is high, the safety tip of the handle position will rise to prevent the lid from being opened.

5. Someone must be present when using a pressure cooker to cook

The use of a pressure cooker is very particular about heat, especially not to heat it on high heat. As long as the steam in the pot makes a sound from the exhaust pipe, the temperature can be lowered. The pressure limiting valve remains one until the hissing sound after the cooking is completed, which is safe and time-saving.

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