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What Are the Advantages of Silicone Insulation Pad?

Ⅰ. Comparison between silicone insulation pads and other placemats

Many times the food we just made will be served to the table immediately. At this time, the food is still very hot. Many tables of different materials are not heat-resistant. At this time, we need to choose some heat insulation pads, but people will ask which material is better for heat insulation pads? At present, common placemats include bamboo placemats, cotton placemats, PVC placemats, plastic placemats, wooden placemats, paper cloth placemats, and silicone placemats. Through comprehensive comparison of performance, price, and environmental protection, it is found that silicone insulation pads are better.

Silicone insulation pads are generally molded from food-grade silicone. After secondary vulcanization, they are generally odorless products, which can withstand high temperature, drop and slip, and are easy to clean.

Ⅱ. Advantages of silicone insulation pads

1. Environmental protection, using food-grade silica gel for high temperature vulcanization, with soft material, good toughness, good resilience, which is odorless;

2. High and low temperature resistance, the temperature range that can withstand is -40℃ to +230℃;

3. Aging resistance and long service life, hardly reacting with other chemicals;

4. Electrical insulation performance, silicone pad products have good electrical insulation performance;

5. Beautiful colors, you can customize the colors and logos you want;

6. Easy to clean, just rinse with clean water and can be recycled.

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