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What Are the Advantages of a Pressure Cooker over an Ordinary Stockpot?

Pressure cookers are widely used in our life. They have many advantages to make your life more convenient. This article is going to share the advantages of pressure cooker compared with ordinary stockpots.

1. A pressure cooker spends shorter cooking time

Many people, especially urban commuters, do not have enough time or energy to cook. This problem can be solved by a pressure cooker in stainless steel. For example, when the pressure inside the pressure cooker reaches 146kPa, the temperature can reach up to 127 degrees. The braised pork in brown sauce cooked in pressure cooker can have the same tender and glutinous mouthfeel that is often achieved by a stockpot's long time "simmering". Using pressure cooker is able to save more than 10 times of the cooking time.

2. A pressure cooker needs less energy consumption

Just take braised pork with brown sauce as an example, if you want to achieve the same mouthfeel, 15 minutes is enough by using a pressure cooker. Turn on the fire to medium level to heat it for 5 minutes, and then turn to low heat to cook for 10 minutes, a delicious dish is finished and you can enjoy it. 

If you use an enameled cast iron skillet to cook it, you have to spend more than 130 minutes. It costs 10 minutes to make the soup boil and then turn to low heat to simmer the food for 2 hours. If you use an ordinary stockpot, it will certainly cost more time. 

Other dishes are the same as the braised pork, using pressure cooker can save energy several times than using other cookwares. For those who need to stew for a long time, the cost of saved energy by a pressure cooker can be calculated by the monthly gas charge.

3. A pressure cooker has easier operation and higher security

Actually, it spends less time preparing the same dish when using a high quality pressure cooker other than traditional sauce pot. Besides, pressure cooker is much safer instead. Take a simple example, when we make dishes, especially those stewed food, the biggest problem we need to pay attention to during the entire course is the water level in the cooker.

When cooking food in an ordinary stockpot, water vapor keeps escaping and water level is always failing. So it's necessary to watch the water level frequently to stop water from boiling dry and burning the cookware. After all, the accidents caused by long time boil-dry is much more terrible than a waste of food. 

While when using a pressure cooker, basically, you don't have to worry about the water level, because the water vapor escapes less due to the sealed structure. The time we have to pay for cook is no more than twenty minutes when cooking time-consuming dishes. 

What's more, there are pressure reminders of pressure cookers, like a loud sound, which are pretty easy to attract our attention.

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