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What Are the Advantages of a Low Pressure Cooker?

Cookers for sealed cooking are generally divided into pressure cooker and low pressure cooker. Usually, low pressure cooker steams food in the pressure of 2~3KPa whose cooker body and cover are sealed and stuck closely by a seal ring, which raises a question, how to open the cover? The existing pressure cooker adopts swing cover that can be opened easily by reducing the pressure in the cooker to be equal to the atmospheric pressure. It will be achieved only by forced cooling or natural cooling for a while. It should be taken into consideration for low pressure cookers that how to open the cover with the demand of safety, simplicity and convenience. Therefore, SEEDER develops a kind of low pressure cooker whose cover can be opened easily to ensure security.

Low pressure cooker from SEEDER has the following advantages:

1. Easy to use, open and close freely. There is an imported thickened silicon sealed ring between the cooker body and cover, safe and durable, preventing the gas in the cooker from escaping and keeping low pressure. It uses massive pressure relieving safety window to discharge pressure rapidly and open the cover conveniently.

2. The safety device on the low pressure cooker cover conforms to the newest standard, ensures user safety and brings great convenience. The center axis locking the cover mechanism is lifted by the spring, raising the handle and wing and unlocking the cover and body. This operation method of unscrew/close or unscrew/open is totally a natural action, quite easy and convenient.

3. Reliable and pressure controllable. The low pressure cooker is equipped with a unified high and low pressure regulating valves with more free use. When the air pressure in the cooker reaches 2~3Kpa, the steel ball of the regulating valve is jacked up with air inside entering the valve body from the inlet at the bottom and discharging from the outlet on the top of the bonnet to ensure that there is no overpressure. In addition, the low pressure valve can be used to further limit the overpressure and set the maximum pressure no more than 4Kpa. The low pressure valve adjusts the contact of the valve core and the vent hole through the valve core nut to maintain the gas within a certain pressure, eliminating the security hazards.

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