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Warnings about Using a Pressure Cooker

Please pay attention to the following aspects when using a pressure cooker.

(1) Do not overload the pressure cooker. When the cooker is pressurized, there is almost no safe buffer space. When heating continues, the pressure increases, which will cause an explosion. According to the pressure cooker manufacturer's instructions, the food in the cooker should not exceed 2 / 3 of the total volume, preferably no more than 1/2.

(2) Every time before capping, carefully check whether the pressure release hole at the center of the lid is unblocked.

(3) After capping, a scientific method is not to fasten the pressure limiting valve but heat the cooker until the cold air is released (taking the uniform hot gas from the central hole as the standard) and then fasten the pressure limiting valve in time.

(4) Before fastening the pressure limiting valve, check the vent hole on the pressure limiting valve as well. If it is blocked, it can be used after being poked through with a thin wire.

(5) Pay attention to safety when cooking beans, porridge, spareribs and kelp soup in the pressure cooker. The high pressure will generate foam which blocks the center hole and the vent hole on the pressure limiting valve, so it is dangerous.

(6) The cooking starts with high-temperature fire, and then changes to low heat after the water is boild.

(7) When the heat source is fire, pay attention not to overheat the handle of pressure cooker. Children and people who can't take care of themselves shouldn't use the pressure cooker.

(8) Do not put or cook acid / alkali / salt and other corrosive articles in the pressure cooker.

(9) After using the pressure cooker, it is necessary to wash and dry it thoroughly, especially do not immerse the sealing ring in grease for a long time or put the lid on the body in reverse.

(10) Generally, the service life of the pressure cooker is 8 years, so the "extended service" is forbidden. If it is used over 8 years, it cannot be used any more no matter it is broken or not.

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