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This Safe Pressure Cooker Can Cook Fast and Keep the Food Fresh!

This product produced by pressure cooker company Tuolushi can increase the pressure in the pot and quickly cook and stew the food. The pressure is not as high as that of an ordinary pressure cooker, but the use effect is really excellent.

Ordinary pressure cookers use sealed heating to greatly increase the air pressure in the cooking pot, increase the boiling point of water, and use high temperature and high pressure to cook food quickly. After all the ingredients are put in at once, the lid cannot be opened halfway. Long-term high pressure will actually cause some ingredients to cook too long and lose nutrients. This 3.2L pressure cooker is also sealed, but the pressure in the pot is lower than that of ordinary pressure cookers when heating, so it is much safer. Customers who are afraid that the pressure cooker will explode can use it with confidence.

This 3.2 L pressure cooker has triple sealing technology - silicone sealing ring, sliding lock, and one-way steam valve, so that a certain pressure can be achieved in the pot.

First, there is a silicone sealing ring on the edge of the pot cover to play a sealing role;

Second, there are the sliding locks of the handles on both sides, and after locking, the pot is more sealed;

Third, there is a steam valve on the lid of the pot, which is a one-way valve only for steam but not air.

When cooking and heating, it will release part of the steam intermittently to avoid excessive pressure in the pot (it will explode if it is not deflated!), and maintain the air pressure in the pot at a relatively stable "low pressure" state.

The 3.2-liter pressure cooker has a sealed, low-pressure cooking environment that is as efficient as a pressure cooker. It can cook food quickly, greatly shortening the cooking time, and is very safe.

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