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The Food Cooked by Pressure Cooker Have the Least Nutrient Loss

For a long time, many friends have had a question about cooking in a pressure cooker: In order to preserve the nutrition of food, should the food be cooked slowly over a normal fire or in a pressure cooker? Which method retains the healthiest ingredients?

A sentence or two is not enough to answer this question clearly, because food contains many kinds of nutrients and their characteristics are also different.

Minerals, dietary fiber, and protein can be cooked for a long time, with negligible loss at high or normal pressure. Vitamin C cannot withstand high temperatures, but grain beans contain no vitamin C, so there is no need to worry about it.

There are three main differences between high-pressure cooking (using a pressure cooker) and normal-pressure cooking: The first difference lies in temperature. The boiling point, which increases with the growing temperature, is about 108-120℃. The second difference lies in cooking time. Due to the high pressure and fast cooking speed, the cooking time is only 1/3 of that of normal pressure cooking. In addition to the heating and cooling time, time spent in the high pressure cooking is not long. The third difference lies in airtightness. After exhaust, the food will no longer be in contact with the outside air, leading to a certain degree of vacuum, which is healthy. These three discrepancies make high-pressure cooking have certain advantages in preserving nutrients.

A lot of people do not understand, can vitamin B be cooked for long? Shouldn't the higher the temperature, the greater the loss? Actually, it is not. For vitamins, raising the temperature from 100 degrees to 110 degrees certainly increases the loss, but the cooking time is shortened from 90 minutes at normal temperature to 30 minutes, which reduces the loss. So, the vitamin losses won't increase when both factors are in balance. At the same time, since the pot is completely sealed, avoiding too much oxygen exposure, which reduces the loss caused by oxidation. Consequently, it is very beneficial for the preservation of antioxidant components.

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