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The Foldable Steaming Rack Can Save Kitchen Space!

In China since ancient times there has been a saying that "every dish can be steamed" such as steamed fish, steamed eggs, and steamed crabs, and actually basically there are no dishes that cannot be steamed. In addition, the amount of oil and salt used in steamed dishes is relatively small, which reduces the intake of oil and salt, and is healthier for people with three highs.

Then you need an easy-to-use steamer or steamer. The traditional steamer rack is difficult to store and takes up space. Bamboo or wooden steamers get dirty easily and are difficult to clean and are more prone to mold. The stainless steel steaming rack is more resistant to corrosion, and ordinary bumps will not deform or damage it at all.

This stainless steel steamer rack from Tuolushi is exquisitely made and elegant in shape, interlocked and linked to the base. The degree of closure can be retracted and stretched at will. When not in use, the steamer can be closed and the volume can be reduced by 1/2, which is convenient to store.

According to the degree of closure, it can be placed in various heating tools of different sizes. It can be done in one cage in a wok, soup pot, and milk pot type. It can be adjusted at will, flexible and changeable. Hot steamed buns and hot seafood can satisfy all your needs.

The filter holes of the stainless steel steaming rack are uniform in size and neatly distributed, which makes for good air permeability and more uniform heating, which speeds up the heating speed of food in the pot. The arc design can also drain excess water droplets to the middle and drip down at the bottom when it falls, the steam rises sufficiently and will not flow back to the food. The original flavor of the food is preserved and the umami degree is improved.

In addition to the steaming rack function, the stainless steel steaming rack can also hold all kinds of fruits, which can be used as fruit trays and drain baskets. When the fruits and vegetables are placed, the water flows through the round holes in the "petals". It can also be used to make fruit trays, containing fruits and snacks. It is also very unique when placed anywhere in the living room. No matter the shape or color matching, it gives people a calm and elegant sense of beauty and art.

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