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The Difference Between Rice Cookers and Pressure Cookers

1. Different working principles


Both rice cooker and pressure cooker are among the original essential appliances that can bring a lot of convenience to people's lives. So what are the differences between the rice cooker and the pressure cooker when using? The first thing is that they work on different principles. The rice cooker mainly serves the purpose of steaming the rice. Although it has many functions, its main function is to steam rice. While the main function of the pressure cooker is to make the food fluffier. There is a certain difference between them in terms of the working principle. The internal control wiring and some intelligent operation are all different from each other. So there will be some differences in the working principles that they possess.


2. Different methods of operation

Once the rice cooker has been set to function, it is ready to do its job straight away, and so is the pressure cooker. But the pressure cooker also needs to vent out the gas inside when cooking food. Some pressure cookers can be done automatically, but some pressure The cooker, which has to be done manually. Therefore, after a certain level of heating or after the heating has matured, it is necessary to exhaust the internal air and remove it by manual means. As a result, they operate differently. People will see some differences between the two types of appliances in many ways when buying them.


3. Differences in functions


The pressure cooker allows some foods that are less easy to cook to become softer, and it can cook rice as well. So the pressure cooker will be a bit more versatile. The main function of a rice cooker is to steam rice, but it can also be used to make other complementary foods. Different types of rice cookers have different functions. The multi function pressure cooker available in the market has a lot of functions, apart from the above-mentioned ones. Besides, it also has the function of environmental protection, the materials used, and so on are more environmentally friendly, it will be safer to use. There are both similarities and differences between them. When using them, you can choose according to your needs, which will be more convenient.

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