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The Correct Way to Use the Pressure Cooker

The kitchen pressure cooker will only show its advantages if used correctly and will last for a long time. The pressure cooker should be used as follows:

1. Grease: For new, unused pans with a high elasticity seal, please add a small amount of oil to the top and bottom of the pan as shown in the arrow for initial opening and closing. The lid, body, and handle should be cleaned before each use to make it easier to close the lid.

2. Put food in: When putting food in, food and water should not exceed four-fifths of the pot capacity, and water or soup should not be less than 400ml (about two bowls).

3. Close the lid:

(1) Before closing the lid, you should first check whether the exhaust pipe is unobstructed, the anti-clogging cover is clean, the safety valve is intact and can be up and down, and in the dropping position.

(2) Place the lid flat on the pot and fasten the pot body. Allow the lid to rotate clockwise as shown until the top and bottom handles are completely overlapped. At this time it is moved just to the working position and the safety valve is fully exposed.

4. Heating: After closing the cover, you can use the fire to heat, and when you see a small amount of steam discharged from the exhaust pipe slowly, then fasten the pressure limit valve to the exhaust pipe. The pressure cooker lid safety valve will then be raised. Until the exhaust pipe "hisses", you can reduce the temperature of the stove and keep the exhaust until the cooking is complete.

5. Cooling and deflation: After cooking, it can be cooled naturally at room temperature. If you want to eat immediately, you can use the forced cooling method (i.e. pouring water over or immersed in water) to lower the pressure. After cooling, you can gently put up the pressure limiting valve, and let off the remaining gas.

6. Open the lid: When there is no steam discharge from the exhaust pipe, if the safety valve has fallen, you can press counterclockwise to open the lid. If the safety valve has not fallen, prove that there is still pressure in the pot. At this time the air pressure chain device will play an insurance role, so it is not possible to open the lid of the pot. Do not forcibly open the lid then. You should use chopsticks to press down on the indicator valve so that the remaining gas in the pot is exhausted before you open the lid.

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