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Stainless Pressure Cooker Experience

Let's learn about the performance of stainless pressure cooker through cooking.

In this busy era, it must be that many people can't spare too much time to make a hot soup. The problem can be solved very well by stainless pressure cooker. In the past, it took half a day or several hours to cook soup, but now it only takes 20 minutes.

1. The prepared ingredients include boiled pork bone, peeled lotus root, peanuts, lentinus edodes and red dates, and then add appropriate water. Note: use pressure cooker to fill food materials not more than 2/3 of the pot capacity, if cooking beans and other easily expanding food, do not exceed 1/2 of the pressure cooker.stainless pressure cooker-1.jpg

2. After waiting for a while, it takes about 2 hours to cook the food materials hard to be cooked thoroughly such as marrowbone without using stainless pressure cooker in the past. Now it takes 20 minutes after steaming with stainless pressure cooker, and the whole cooking process takes less than a quarter.

stainless pressure cooker-2.jpg

3. The result of cooking is as good as ever, so the stainless pressure cooker is really a good partner for office workers.

In addition to making soup, it must be that many people like to use stainless pressure cooker to cook porridge. If they want to make a bowl of soft coarse cereals porridge, it takes an extra long time to cook with traditional cooking utensils. With the pressure cooker, the waiting time for delicious food can be shortened to 10 minutes, which can really make you enjoy the delicious food in a moment.

We love food and life, but we don't love long waiting. With the stainless pressure cooker, the delicious food is only in a moment. I think every family should have one. What do you think?

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