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Research & Develpment

We continue to invest in our technology and facilities to increase product efficiency and new applications to meet today's growing demand for mid- to high-end stainless steel pressure cookers.

We are an excellent partner to develop and deliver tailored solutions based on customer requirements.

Therefore, please contact us to share your questions and our R&D team is ready to accept challenging questions about stainless steel pressure cookers.

After sales service

TUOLUSHI provides fast after-sales service, providing each customer with every order

Create files to provide the best service to your customers.

Shipping Info

25-30days after received customer deposit

Warrant Policy

Our pots are guaranteed for 2-3 years and the apron is guaranteed for 5 years.


Products are exported to Spain,  Japan,  Korea,  Germany and other countries.

For example,  Lacor in Spain,  Aoyagi in Japan,  ocoo in Korea, DS in Germany and so on.

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