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Selection considerations for pressure cooker (Part 2)

4. The internal capacity indication

The internal capacity indication of stainless steel pressure cooker is an important safety food standard. Since the cooking method of stainless pressure cooker is different from that of ordinary cooking utensils, the capacity indication in the pot is a necessary detail for safe and successful cooking.

The key of cooking with pressure cooker: reserve space for steam -- reserve at least 1/4 space for the steam generated after pressurization;

Do not overload ingredients: the food materials should not take more than 2/3 of the space, so as to prevent the pressure from ejecting.

5. Is it easy to clean?

Can the lid be removed completely? Can the steam port be disassembled and cleaned? Whether the handle and rubber ring can be completely removed and cleaned.

Note: Be sure to check whether the pressure relief hole is blocked before using the stainless steel pressure cooker.

6. The safety valve of pressure cooker

When the safety valve of the pressure cooker rises, it indicates that there is pressure in the pot. Remember not to open the pot lid. When the safety valve is completely lowered, it means that the pressure has been relieved, and the pot can be opened.

Firepower control of stainless steel pressure cooker: put the food materials into the pot, close the pot lid, turn on the medium fire to heat the pot, turn to small fire for a few minutes when the safety valve rises, then turn off the fire, wait for the automatic pressure relief of the pot and the indicator circle completely drops, then the cooking is completed.


7. Heat preservation

With the function of heat preservation, the cooking time will be more free.

8. Multi-functions 

Whether there are cooking functions, no pressure stewing function, low-temperature cooking, steaming and other functions can be selected according to your own cooking habits and needs.

9. Volume and capacity

The most suitable capacity size can be selected based on the number of family members, the amount of food and the storage space in the house.

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