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Safety Rules for Using Pressure Cookers

Ⅰ. The hidden dangers of using pressure cooker

The pressure cooker is a pot that is often used in every family. However, because the pressure cooker generates a huge pressure when it is used, it is likely to cause hidden dangers if there is a problem with the product, so you must pay attention to its safety rules when using the pressure cooker.

Ⅱ. How to use the pressure cooker safely

1. Before using the pressure cooker, first check whether the exhaust pipe hole is unblocked and whether the safety valve is normal, and close the lid according to the arrow on the lid or handle until the two handles are completely overlapped.

2. When steam in the pressure cooker is steadily discharged from the exhaust pipe, buckle the pressure limiting valve on the exhaust pipe and follow the instructions on the instructions to cook the food.

3. Before opening the lid, make sure that there is no air pressure in the pot, and then remove the pressure limiting valve to ensure that there is no air pressure in the pot to open the lid, or you can force cold water to cool the pot to reduce the pressure in the pot, and wait until there is no air pressure in the pot. The lid can only be opened when the gas is exhausted. The pressure cookers on the market now have safety protection for opening and closing the lid. For example, when there is air pressure in the pot, the safety valve is in the ascending stage. At this time, the lid cannot be opened with the normal use method. When there is no air pressure in the pot, the safety valve drops. Then you can safely open the lid.

4. The pressure cooker should try to make porridge as little as possible. Some pressure cookers will spray out the rice soup after the exhaust time is long. During cooking porridge, when gas is discharged from the pressure limiting valve, the heating source should be turned off immediately to prevent the spray of rice soup.

6. The pressure cooker should be cleaned timely after use, and the lid should be placed on the pot body. Do not put the lid on the pot body together to prevent the apron from deforming and leaking, thereby reducing the number of uses of the apron.

8. When the pressure cooker accessories are damaged, the accessories must be installed according to the original model, and accessories of other types cannot be used for repair and installation.

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