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Rice Pressure Cooker

Rice is a very important food in Asian culture, and it has become a part of cultural identity.

Some Asians make jokes that their life will not be complete if they live a day without rice. That's why you might find that every Chinese family has at least one pressure cooker for rice cooking.

Using your pressure cooker, you get great white rice that’s perfect every time.

Working Principle of Rice Pressure Cooker

The principle of rice cooking pressure cooker is simple. Because the boiling point of water is affected by air pressure, the higher the pressure, the higher the boiling point. On high mountains and plateaus, the pressure is less than one atmospheric pressure, and water boils at less than 100°C. In this case, the eggs are not cooked in a regular pot. When the pressure is greater than one atmospheric pressure, the water boils above 100°C. The pressure cooker commonly used is designed using this principle.

The pressure cooker shuts the water quite tightly. the water vapor produced by the evaporation of water by heat cannot diffuse into the air and can only be retained in a high pressure pot. This makes the pressure inside the pressure cooker higher than one atmospheric pressure, but also makes the water boiling at more than 100°C. In this way, the pressure cooker formed a high-temperature and high-pressure environment. Rice is easy to quickly cook, and quite crisp. Of course, the pressure in the pressure cooker will not be unlimited, or it will explode.

Different Ways of Dividing Pressure Cookers

From the manufacturing materials of a pressure cooker: it can be generally classified into 2 kinds of pressure cookers, that is, aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Aluminum alloy is more affordable, the surface oxide layer should not be damaged, and cold water can be used for rapid cooling of the heated pressure cooker; Stainless steel has the advantage of corrosion resistance. All our pressure cooker products are stainless steel. If you need to buy stainless steel pressure cooker, please leave a message or email us.

In terms of capacity specifications, cooking pressure cookers generally have 18,20,22,24,26 centimeters of several models. However, considering the thermal efficiency, you would prefer to choose a larger capacity.

From the generation of pressure, the rice pressure cooker generally has 70 KPA (170 KPA),80 KPA (180 KPA),90 KPA (190 KPA). High working pressure on the pot will do damage to the nutrition of food.

In order to ensure the quality of the products of the pressure cooker, the state has introduced a licensing system for the products of the pressure cooker, and in 1992 and 1994, the new mandatory standards for the stainless steel pressure cooker were formulated. These two national standards mainly make clear the four major performances of nominal working pressure, safety pressure, damage pressure, open and close cover safety. In addition, the national standard for pressure cooker sealing performance, anti-blocking safety and hygiene requirements has specific provisions.

Want a fast way to make white rice that requires little attention and produces fluffy, separate grains every time? Use a pressure rice cooker.

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