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Purchasing Guide for Pressure Cookers (Part 2)

2. What size of pressure cooker to buy?

The pressure cooker is actually not much different from the rice cooker, the biggest difference is the additional pressure device, the other heating system and the pot is basically the same. The only thing that is different is the capacity.

1L  A miniature pressure cooker 

2L  A great size for a family of two 

3L  Size of a small pot, same size of a normal rice cooker 

4L  Normal household size, you can put a whole pork knuckle in it

5L  A Large size for family needs, some people use pressure cooker to cook soup, so the pot has a bigger guts and can contain a steam rack.

6L  Extra-large pressure cooker, the average family rarely buys one.

3. What pot should we buy?

At present, We only use 304 or higher grade stainless steel when it's food-related. The thermal conductivity of stainless steel is worse than that of aluminum, so the heating of stainless steel pot is slower, but the heat preservation capacity is better than other materials. In terms of material safety, stainless steel is the best.

4. Warning

1) The pot lid must be cleaned thoroughly, especially the air hole on it. It might cause an explosion if the air hole is blocked.

2) If the cover is opened midway, the fire must be turned off to relieve pressure until the safety valve is completely lowered.

3) Don't overfill, especially for ingredients that will swell, such as beans or rice, only about 3/5 of them can be put at most. Otherwise, the pressure relief valve will be blocked or overflow will be caused.

To keep safety, please read the safety instructions before handling.

Check the rubber ring condition regularly, change it if it's hardened or damaged. 

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