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Rotation Pressure Cooker

The Rotation Pressure Cooker, also known as the pressure pot, is a convenient kitchen appliance used to cook food quickly with the power of steam pressure. As the liquid turns into steam, pressure increases, driving the boiling point of water past 100°C. Therefore, even at a high temperature, the water will not boil and food is able to be put under such conditions for a long time. Therefore, at high mountain altitudes, a pressure cooker is a perfect solution for the lower boiling point of water and make food easily-cooked.

A Rotation Pressure Cooker consists of a cooker body, a lid, a vent pipe, safety valves, a sealing ring, and other new forms of venting designs. Once the relief valve is plugged and the pressure reaches 180Kpa, our safety window will exhaust itself, thus reducing the pressure in the pot and preventing an explosion.