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Pressure Cooker Purchase Guide (Part 1)

The mysterious subject of pressure cooker has always had an air of magic, explosion, and danger about it. Why Mom can make so much good food with it, while most Dads can blow up the kitchen with it.

The pressure cooker is very simple to operate, relying mostly on the rotation of the handle to control the pressure cooker on and off. But this operation can cause an explosion if there is the slightest bit of carelessness. For example, if you only want to heat food, but the lid is not closed and you have put in a pressure valve, then it will cause an explosion. Of course, the explosion of the pressure cooker can penetrate through the range hood at most and will not cause serious fire. However, if there is someone nearby when the explosion occurs, he will certainly be hurt. Therefore, we must read the manual carefully before using the pressure cooker.

Some people might wonder: why bother to use the pressure cooker if an ordinary pot can do the job?

In short, a pressure cooker cuts in half the time and makes ingredients that would otherwise take hours to cook and become soft and tasty. The pressure cooker also shortens the cooking time for soup and make it more flavorful. So, here is the pressure cooker shopping guide!

1. Why should we buy pressure cooker?

The first point is definitely to save time! A pressure cooker can cut down on a lot of time, if you have a sudden craving for pig trotters one day, it would be ready to serve in half an hour of you cook it in a pressure cooker.

The second thing is the richer flavor. The pressure cooker increases the boiling point through the air pressure, so the food taste richer than ordinary cooking. And if you live in a huge famliy, 5 litre steel pressure cooker is your best choice!

Thirdly, the rice tastes better with food pressure cooker than the ordinary rice cookers.

Although the pressure cookers are not a necessity, it is essential to those people who love food, especially to the elderly at home who have bad teeth and need to eat soft food. Take pork for an example, with the pressure cooker it would taste less chewy and rubbery.

Using a pressure cooker to make soup will be great for those who need to replenish their nutrients, usually children, pregnant women and the elderly.

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