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Operation Principle and Purchase Skills for Pressure Cooker

The principle being applied to the pressure cooker that "air pressure is proportional to the boiling point of water". The boiling point of water is affected by air pressure. The higher the air pressure, the higher the boiling point. On high mountains and plateaus, water can boil at less than 100°C due to the external pressure below atmospheric pressure. When the external pressure is higher than atmospheric pressure,water boils at over 100°C.

The water in the pressure cooker is heated and boiled to steam, and then continued heat can result in gradually increased pressure of the steam. According to the principle that the pressure is proportional to the boiling point of water, the boiling point of the water in the pot increases from time to time leading to increasing temperature in the pot, which can exceed 100 degrees. In this way, high temperature and pressure can quickly cook food or used for sterilize. Of course, the pressure in the pressure cooker will not rise indefinitely, because the exhaust device of the pressure cooker will exhaust steam when the pressure reaches a certain level to ensure safe operation.

Purchase skills for pressure cooker

1. It depends on personal preference.

2. The size of the pressure cooker should be purchased based on the population. For families with 2-3 people, 4 liters can be selected; For families with 3-5 people, 5 liters can be selected and for families with more than 6 people, 6 liters or 8 liters can be selected.

3. The performance of safety device in the pressure cooker is significant, which directly affects the cooker's performance.

4.Complete manual, relevant signs and safety tips represent the company's sense of responsibility and can ensure that consumers use it correctly and safely.

5. Products should be purchased with national certification.

Safety accidents occur when clients use the pressure cooker. Excessive pressure will cause the pressure cooker to explode, so we should pay attention that food and water should be preferably less than two-thirds when using the pressure cooker. The above is operation principle and purchase skills for pressure cooker introduced by Tuolushi.

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