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Notes for Pressure Cooker

(1) Before cooking, first check whether the exhaust pipe hole is unblocked, and then put in the pot the food, which should not exceed 4/5 of the pot capacity. Then put the lid on and turn it in the direction of "close" indicated by the arrow on the lid until the two handles are completely overlapped.

(2) After putting on the lid, fasten the pressure limiting valve on the exhaust pipe after steam is steadily discharged from the exhaust pipe. No other weight should be added to the pressure limiting valve, let alone the valve being replaced by other object.

(3) Before opening the lid, the stainless steel pressure cooker should be cooled and depressurized if there is pressure in it. It can be cooled naturally, or cooled by pouring cold water on the pot manually. Then, remove the pressure limiting valve. After the exhaust pipe no longer deflates, turn the lid in the direction of "open" shown by the arrow on the pot (counterclockwise) to open the lid.

(4) When cooking porridge, remove the pot from the fire immediately when the pressure limiting valve is deflated and lifted to prevent spillage.

(5) Wash and dry at any time after use, stainless steel pressure cooker lid should be placed on the pot upside down instead of being put on the pot routinely, in order to prevent the deformation of the rubber ring, and air leakage in usage.

(6) It is not advisable to store seasonings such as salt and soy sauce for a long time in the pot to prevent corrosion. Residual food sticking to the pot body can be cleaned by soaking and washing in warm water and using silicone pot scrubber. Do not scrub with furnace lime and sandstone, etc.

(7) The lid and the pressure limiting valve should be kept properly to prevent collisions so as to avoid the damage of the pot seal and to avoid defunction of the pressure cooker. When serving the pot, lift both handles at the same time to reduce the stress on one end and prevent the damage of the pot handle.

Pressure Cooker