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Methods of Choosing a Pressure Cooker

There are many kinds of pressure cookers on the market. How can we choose the pressure cooker we want? Here are some tips for choosing pressure cookers.

1. Determine the types and specifications according to family needs

The selection of specifications of pressure cookers should be determined according to the size of the family and the types and quantities of foods. For example, the suitable size for a family of four is 24 cm in diameter. For a family of two or three, 20 cm or 22 cm is suitable. For a family of five or six, it is advisable to buy a 26 cm one. If you only consider the thermal efficiency, a larger specification is better.

2. Pay attention to pressure and pressure regulating device

Choose the suitable pressure cookers according to the types of food. For example, the pressure cooker that often cooks meat should have a higher working pressure. Moderate working pressure is suitable for cooking rice and other grains. Low working pressure is appropriate for vegetables.

At present, most pressure cookers are equipped with heavy hammer pressure regulating devices. If the pressure regulating device is adjustable, the specified working pressure of the pressure cooker can be changed. Heavy hammer pressure regulating devices with different weights can also be used to change the specified working pressure of the pressure cooker, which is very convenient to use.

3. Pay attention to safety devices

Most pressure cookers have double safety structures of pressure regulating device and safety devices. Years of practice have proved that pressure cookers are basically safe and reliable as long as they are used properly. At present, the quality index of pressure cooker products has been stipulated. There are clear regulations and requirements on materials, hygiene requirements, sealing performance, safety pressure, damage pressure, working pressure, and appearance quality. The production license system is adopted to ensure the interests of consumers.

4. Pay attention to other aspects

Check whether there are trademarks, nameplates, safety, specifications, and other signs when purchasing a pressure cooker. Check whether there are operation instructions, quality guarantee books, warranty sheets, brochures of common sense, etc. Above all, check whether the lid is damaged and whether all kinds of accessories are complete and intact.

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