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Matters Needing Attention When Using a Pressure Cooker

1. When using the pressure cooker for the first time, you should read the instruction manual and follow it. Or you can ask someone who knows what to do. Never use it without learning.

2. Before use, carefully check whether the exhaust vent is unblocked and whether the hole under the safety valve seat is blocked by residual rice grains or other food residues. If the exhaust vent is blocked by food during use, the pressure cooker should be moved away from the fire and cleaned after forced cooling. Otherwise, the food will spray and cause burns. Check whether the rubber sealing gasket is aged. The rubber sealing gasket will be aged after being used for a period of time, which will easily make the pressure cooker leak. So it needs to be replaced in time.

3. The handle of the lid should completely coincide with the handle of the pressure cooker before putting it on the stove. Otherwise, it will cause an explosion accident.

4. Adding weight to the pressure valve is strictly forbidden. Someone wants to do that to increase the pressure in the pressure cooker and forcibly shorten the cooking time. However, there are strict technical parameters for the pressure in the cooker. If you ignore the design, you will cause an explosion accident and put your own life in danger. Please do not take the risk. In addition, once the fusible metal sheet (plug) on the stainless steel pressure cooker falls off during use, it should not be replaced by other metal objects. You should replace it with the same new part.

5. Never open the lid in the middle of the heating process. Do not remove the heavy hammer or pressure regulating device before confirming the cooling, so as to avoid injury caused by food spraying. Open the lid after natural cooling or forced cooling.

6. When using a stainless steel pressure cooker, the heating temperature should not be too high. When the steam in the cooker makes a loud "hiss" sound from the exhaust vent, the temperature should be lowered. Make the pressure limiting valve keep a light “hiss” sound until cooking is finished.

7. The stainless steel pressure cooker should be cleaned in time after use. Check whether the safety valve contains food residues. Keep the appearance of the cooker clean. Do not shovel the inside and outside of the cooker with sharp instruments. Otherwise, the cooker will be easily deformed or scratched, which will damage the protective layer.

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