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Induction Cooker Pressure Cooker

Induction pressure cooker is combined with the advantages of the pressure cooker and rice cooker, adopting elastic pressure control, dynamic sealing, external rotary cover, displacement can be controlled and other new technology, new structure, fully sealed cooking, pressure continuously adjustable, thus thoroughly solve the safety problem of pressure cooker.

How the Induction Pressure Cooker Works

When the stainless steel induction pressure cooker is used, plug in the electricity and turn the timer to the function you need. The timing switch is closed and the electric heating plate is heated. After the temperature reaches 101 degrees, the insulation switch is disconnected, and the induction pressure cooker enters the stage of timing assuring and pressure holding. The electric heating plate continues to heat to 140 degrees after the pressure-holding switch off, The timing motor gets electricity and starts the timing. When the pressure in the pot is down, the pressure-holding switch is turned on. The timing motor is out of power, and the heating plate with electricity is heated. And the pressure in the pot begins to rise again. When the temperature of the pan reaches 140 degrees, the pressure-holding switch is disconnected, and the timer starts again. This process is repeated until the timing switch is disconnected and the induction pressure cooker enters into the heat preservation state.

Things to Bear in Mind Before Using the Induction Pressure Cooker

When cooking solid food in an induction cooker, you can exhaust immediately after cooking. The user needs to dial the pressure limiting valve to the exhaust state. It must be noted that the float valve must be dropped and then you can open the lid of the pressure cooker, otherwise, there will be safety risks.

When cooking liquid food (such as porridge, sticky liquid), do not artificially deflate, otherwise, the mucous rush out, which will make the pot very dirty. If you need to speed up the cooling, you can first cut off the power supply, putting a wet towel on the pot cover. After 2-3 minutes, the float valve will fall. Then you also have to wait for the float valve to fall to open the cover, otherwise there will be a safety accident.

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