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How to Use the Multifunction Pressure Cooker? What Are the Characteristics of the Multifunction Pressure Cooker?

Now more and more household appliances are more powerful in functionality. For example, intelligent household appliances have entered our lives and are more meaningful to our lives. For example, the pressure cooker is a kind of electrical products that people are more commonly used now. So what is the use method of the multifunction pressure cooker? What are the characteristics of the multifunction pressure cooker? Here is the relevant content and tell you some common sense.

Ⅰ. How to use the multifunction pressure cooker?

1. Before using the multifunction pressure cooker, you should first check whether the exhaust pipe of the pressure cooker is unblocked. Then take out the inner pot of the multifunction pressure cooker.

2. Afterwards, put the prepared ingredients into the inner pot of the multifunction pressure cooker. The capacity of the food should not exceed 2/3 of the inner tube.

3. After placing the ingredients, add a certain amount of water. Note that the amount of ingredients that are easy to swell in the water can not exceed 3/5 of the inner pot, and the food and water added should not be less than 1/5 of the inner pot.

4. Before putting the inner pot into the outer pot, wipe the bottom of the inner pot and the heating plate clean. There should be no debris on the heating plate. After placing the inner pot, gently rotate the inner pot to ensure the good contact of inner pot and the heating plate. 

Ⅱ. Characteristics of the multifunction pressure cooker

1. Different working principles

Electric rice cookers and pressure cookers are one of the necessary electrical appliances in the original life, which can bring a lot of convenience to people's lives when they are used. So what are the differences when using a rice cooker pressure cooker? First of all, their working principles are different. The rice cooker mainly plays the role of steaming rice. Although it also has many functions, its main function is to steam rice and the pressure cooker, its main function is to make food softer. There are certain differences in the working principle between them, including internal control circuits, etc., including some intelligent operations, etc., there are certain differences. Therefore, there will be a certain difference in the working principle between them.

2. Different operation methods

After setting the functions of the rice cooker, it can be completed directly. The same is true for the pressure cooker. However, when the pressure cooker is cooking food, the internal gas needs to be exhausted. Some pressure cookers can be completed automatically, but some pressure cookers , It needs to be done manually, so after heating to a certain degree or after heating is mature, internal exhaust is required, which is removed manually. Therefore, their methods of operation are also different. When people buy, they will see these two kinds of electrical appliances. In many ways, there will be certain differences.

3. Different functions

The pressure cooker can eat some food that is not easy to cook, it can become softer, and it can also cook rice. Therefore, the function of the pressure cooker will be more. The main function of the rice cooker is to steam rice, but it can also be used as some other supplementary food. Different types of rice cookers have different functions. The pressure cookers sold in the market have many functions, except for the ones described above. In addition to some functions, it also has environmental protection functions. The materials used are all environmentally friendly, and it will be safer to use. Therefore, there are both similarities and differences between them. When using, you can choose according to your needs, which will get more convenience.

The above introduces the question of what is the use of the multifunction pressure cooker. In fact, if you use it incorrectly, it may damage the pressure cooker and make the food tasteless. It is important to correctly use a pressure cooker. The multifunction pressure cooker is very powerful and can meet the needs of different consumers. You can buy it according to your needs.

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