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How to Purchase Pressure Cooker

1. Security

The safety features of a pressure cooker are important and directly affect the safety of the application.

When choosing a pressure cooker, it is recommended to buy a high quality pressure cooker with more safety measures, and at the same time, the material of the cooker body should be approved. The aluminum ones are not recommended for purchase.

2. Capacity

If the number of people in the family is 2-3 people, you can choose 4 or 5 liters, 3-5 people prefer 6 liters, more than 6 people The family prefers 7 liters or in ascending numbers. Personally, I find 6 litre pressure cooker is the most versatile.

3. Pressure value

The concept of the pressure value of a pressure cooker was introduced above. If you are on a budget, you can choose a pressure cooker with a high-pressure value. The pressure cooker, which takes so long, at one point made me think it was a rice cooker. So the high-pressure value is also an indicator of your purchase.

4. Usage habits

This is mainly used to determine if you are using an electric or traditional pressure cooker. Both have their strengths, depending on your lifestyle. I prefer the traditional pressure cooker, and I like to hear the sound of the counterweight valve grunting to release pressure. Sometimes cooking needs a little ritual.

Pressure Cooker