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How to Install the Sealing Ring of a Classic Pressure Cooker?

The sealing ring of a classic pressure cooker is a rubber ring with a round section. As its section is O-type, it is called O-type sealing ring. It is one of the most widely used rings in the application field of hydraulic and pneumatic transmission systems.

The sealing ring installation method of the classic pressure cooker is to unscrew the screw in the middle of the pot cover, remove the things that press the sealing ring, and put them into the sealing ring to press and level off. Press the grooved side into the seal rack and press it forward with your finger bit by bit until the press is completely finished.

Matters needing attention in installation and use of pressure cooker sealing ring:

(1) Prevent extended use.The service life of the sealing ring is generally 3000~5000h, and the new sealing ring should be replaced in time.

(2) The size of the replacement sealing ring should be consistent. The sealing ring of the same size should be selected in strict accordance with the instructions, otherwise the compaction degree and other requirements cannot be guaranteed.

(3) Avoid using old sealing rings. When using a new sealing ring, it is also necessary to carefully check its surface quality to make sure that there are no holes, bulges, cracks and grooves and other defects and enough elasticity before use.

(4) When installing, the hydraulic system should be cleaned strictly first, and special tools should be used to prevent the sharp metal edge from scratching the fingers.

(5) When replacing the sealing ring, it is necessary to strictly check the sealing ring groove and remove the dirt.

(6) In order to prevent oil leakage caused by damage, it must be operated according to the rules. At the same time, it can not be overloaded for a long time or run the classic pressure cooker in a relatively harsh environment.

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