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How to Clean the Silicone Insulation Pad

Silicone insulation pad is made of 100% silica gel, which has good heat insulation and good insulation. It will not fade, is environmentally friendly, healthy, safe, easy to clean, and can withstand high temperatures up to 230℃. A silicone insulation pad can better fix the goods and effectively prevent the goods from moving and falling.

Wash silicone products before use. It can be cleaned with detergent or soap, both of which are easy to use. However, the detergent should not be used for a long time as it may damage the surface of the silicone and cause it to turn white. The best cleaning method is to use soap and a brush. These methods are convenient, and the soap is chemically stable, so daily cleaning does not damage the surface of the silicone. The silicone pad will not stick to the flour and is easy to clean daily. If some sticking occurs, it can be cleaned by simply soaking in warm water.

There are many different types of silicone products such as silicone insulation pad, silicone mitt, each with a different purpose and cleaning method. However, many of the silicone materials will not stick to the bottom of the drawer or the bottom of the oven. The more sticky the silicone is, the worse the quality of the material will be. The less viscous it is, the better the quality will be. Silicone steamer mats and silicone baking mats can be cleaned using the above methods, while silicone tumbling mats cannot be cleaned with detergent. It is best to wipe with warm water or a clean cloth, clean and dry before reuse.

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