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How to Clean the Pressure Cooker, Especially When It's Burnt?

1. After buying a high quality pressure cooker, you can stew up some oily food, such as meat, before making other foods. In this way, the grease can fill the tiny concave holes in the pressure cooker, which can effectively prevent the pressure cooker from turning black or prevent black stains. Moreover, the pressure cooker is anti-corrosive.

2. Remove black stains with remaining heat. After using the pressure cooker with remaining heat, take a soft cloth dipped in an appropriate amount of detergent to wipe, which can easily remove black stains.

3. Boil the peel water to remove stains. Every once in a while, boil some peel with a pressure cooker (such as banana peel, apple peel, and grape peel), and most of the black stains can be eliminated.

4. Pour into the pot a third of any kind of vinegar (white or fruit vinegar, cheap ones will do), and two thirds of water (to cover the blackened parts). And then boil for five minutes with the lid being put on. Leaving the pot being soaked overnight, then the blackened stains at the bottom can be removed gently with a butter knife or spoon scrape.

5. Heat it up with some salt, and remove it gently with a small spatula. It's that simple!

6. Spread a layer of honey evenly on the charred area and wipe it off with a clean cloth after half an hour.

7. One of the most effective methods is the orange peel from an eaten orange. Orange peel, which is generally thrown away, can have great effect when it's used to clean the bottom of the pressure cooker. Wipe the charred part of the pot with orange peel, and then wash it with water. Then it can be removed easily!

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