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How to Choose Pressure Cooker for Induction Stove?

In our daily life, the induction cooker is a relatively common tool. It also brings a lot of convenience to our lives. But if the pressure cooker is used on the induction cooker, what will be the result? Let's take a look at the induction cooker pressure cooker together.

Ⅰ. How to choose pressure cooker for induction stove?

1. The material of some pressure cookers is aluminum, and induction pressure cookers use high-frequency induction current, and the magnetic permeability of aluminum is generally poor, so if it is made of aluminum pressure cooker, then the thermal conductivity is not very good, it will be difficult to use.

2. The induction cooker is suitable for iron-based pots, stainless steel pots, and special composite bottom pots for induction cookers. When we buy the induction cooker pressure cooker, it is best to choose the above materials. Such pressure cookers have better thermal conductivity.

3. The size of the pressure cooker for induction stove is also something we need to pay attention to. Generally speaking, the diameter of the bottom of the pot should not exceed the induction stove. Such pressure cookers are more compatible with the induction stove and will be more convenient to use.

Ⅱ. How to use pressure cooker for induction stove safely

1. Generally speaking, the power of the induction cooker is relatively large, so it has higher requirements for the safety of the power supply. So when we choose the power cord for configuration, we should choose copper core wire with safety performance.

2. Lay the induction cooker evenly. If the table top is not flat, then the center of gravity will be damaged when using the induction cooker and pressure cooker, and the pot will be at risk in the end.

3. We also need to ensure the smooth intake and exhaust of the induction cooker. When the induction cooker is working, its temperature will be relatively high. If the intake and exhaust holes are blocked, it will cause its fan to fail, and finally there will be problems at work.

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