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How to Choose a Mini Pressure Cooker?

Ⅰ. Mini pressure cooker

Pressure cookers are also divided into different sizes, so when choosing according to the needs of the family, if there are fewer family members, one or two people can choose a mini pressure cooker, which is not only cheap, but also more convenient to use.

Ⅱ. How to choose a mini pressure cooker?

1. The scope of application of mini pressure cooker

This can be determined according to the population of one's own family, usually suitable for a family of three, or 1-2 people. It can also be used as a pot for processing baby food. If there is a baby at home who needs to make complementary food, it is better to choose a mini pressure cooker.

2. The safety performance of the mini pressure cooker

Regardless of where, the most important point is safety. The safety of the product can ensure the safety of the family. Then the focus is to check whether the inner pot is in good contact with the electric heating plate, whether the electric heating is normal, and also check whether the function switch and touch button are normal, the rotating regulator and the timer act freely, the heating and heat preservation indicator lights turn on and off accordingly, and the timer can automatically shut down after the countdown is completed. The power cord and power plug of the pressure cooker must be well insulated, free from oxidation, corrosion, etc.

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