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How to Buy Induction Pressure Cooker

Ⅰ. How to buy induction pressure cooker

The first is to choose power. At present, the power of induction pressure cookers put on the market is between 800W and 1800W, and they are divided into several files. The greater the power, the faster the heating speed, but the power consumption is also higher, and the price is also more expensive. Therefore, the purchase should be based on the number of diners and the usage. Generally speaking, families with less than 3 people choose about 1000W; 4~5 people choose about 1300W; 6~7 people choose 1600W; and more than 8 people choose 1800W induction pressure cooker.

A high-quality induction pressure cooker should have an output power automatic adjustment function, which can improve power adaptability and load adaptability. But some induction pressure cookers do not have this function. When the power supply voltage increases, the output power rises sharply; when the power supply voltage drops, the power decreases significantly, which will cause inconvenience to the user and affect the cooking quality.

The quality of the induction pressure cooker that chooses transistors depends on the quality of high-frequency and high-power transistors and ceramic glass-ceramic panels. When purchasing, be sure to buy a high-speed, high-voltage, high-current induction pressure cooker with a single high-power transistor, because of its good quality, excellent performance, high reliability, and not easy to damage.

The reliability index of induction pressure cooker is generally expressed by MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures), the unit is "hour", and high-quality products should be more than 10,000 hours. The life of the induction pressure cooker mainly depends on the use environment, maintenance and the life of the main components. It is speculated that the induction pressure cooker will enter its expiration date after three or four years of use.

Pay attention to its protection function. The selected induction pressure cooker should have a variety of protection devices, including detection of small objects, automatic shutdown protection for overheating, automatic shutdown protection for overvoltage or undervoltage, automatic stop heating protection for no-burning, 2-hour power-off protection, 1~ 2 minutes automatic shutdown protection and sound and light alarm display, etc. When purchasing, you should follow the relevant detection methods in the "Instruction Manual", power on and test the machine to see if its protection functions are working properly.

Ⅱ. How to use the induction pressure cooker correctly

1. The power cord must meet the requirements. Due to the high power of the induction pressure cooker, when configuring the power cord, you should choose a copper core wire that can withstand a current of 15A, and the sockets, plugs, and switches used in conjunction with it should also meet this requirement. If possible, it is best to install a fuse box at the power cord socket to ensure safety.

2. Place it evenly. The tabletop where the induction pressure cooker is placed should be flat, especially when eating hot pot on the table.

3. Ensure that the pores are unobstructed. The induction pressure cooker at work heats up with the temperature of the pot. Therefore, when placing an induction pressure cooker in the kitchen, ensure that there is no obstruction at the inlet and exhaust holes of the furnace body.

4. The pot should not be too heavy. induction pressure cookers are different from stoves constructed of materials such as bricks or iron, and their carrying weight is limited. Generally, the cooking utensils with food should not exceed 5 kg.

5. Clean the stove to get the law. Like other electrical appliances, the induction pressure cooker should be waterproof and moisture-proof during use, and avoid contact with harmful liquids. Do not put the induction pressure cooker in water for cleaning and direct flushing with water, and do not use solvents or gasoline to clean the surface or body of the furnace.

6. Detect the protection function of the stove. The induction pressure cooker has good automatic detection and self-protection functions. It can detect conditions such as stove top appliances (whether it is a metal bottom), whether it is used properly, and whether the furnace temperature is too high. If these functions of the induction pressure cooker are lost, it is very dangerous to use the induction pressure cooker.

8. Press the button lightly and simply. The buttons of the induction pressure cooker are of light touch type. Do not use too much force with your fingers, but lightly touch them. When the pressed button is activated, the finger should be left. Do not hold it down, so as not to damage the reed and the conductive contact piece.

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