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How to Buy a Qualified Pressure Cooker

Five tips for choosing a qualified pressure cooker:

1. Choose a new standard pressure cooker. When purchasing an aluminum pressure cooker, pay particular attention to the implementation standard number and the date of manufacture of the pressure cooker, and avoid buying pressure cookers of the old standard. These can be seen on the body, bottom or lid of the pressure cooker.

2. When buying pressure cooker products, you should go to larger shopping malls, supermarkets or reputable merchants to buy. You can choose a pressure cooker with a suitable volume according to the size of the family and the amount of cooking each time. Pay attention to the product markings, check whether the pressure cooker manufacturer's name and trademark, model, and whether the standard accessories are complete, and whether the lid and body are damaged or deformed.

3. See if there is an opening and closing device. Be sure to buy a pressure cooker with opening and closing devices. Use a pressure cooker without opening and closing devices. When there is pressure in the pot (above 5kPa), if the lid is forcibly opened, the lid will slip out of your hand by the pressure in the cooker, causing damage to the lid and other items. Moreover, the hot food sprayed out of the cooker is easy to burn people. When closing the lid, due to the improper buckle (the upper and lower cooker teeth partially overlap), the structural strength of the pressure cooker is reduced. Under a certain pressure, the cooker teeth are straightened, which may easily cause the cooker to burst (the lid will upspring).

4. Gently pull the sealing rubber ring with your hand, and then observe whether it can be restored automatically. The rubber ring with poor elasticity usually does not meet the requirements of the national standard and has a short service life. In addition, the pressure cooker manufacturer's trademark (or factory name) and specifications should be on the seal (rubber) ring. Use your fingers to test whether you can touch the fastening screws of the lower handle. If you can touch it, when you pick up the cooker that contains pressure inside, your hands may touch the handle fastening screws, causing burns and even greater injuries.

5. Check whether there is a pressure relief device. The pressure relief device is a new safety measure for the pressure cooker. A qualified device can effectively prevent the pressure cooker from exploding due to overpressure.

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