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How Long Can a Pressure Cooker Last?

Ⅰ. The pressure cooker can be used for several years

1. The service life of the pressure cooker is the data obtained through experiments. According to the calculation of 1 hour of daily use, the service life of the aluminum pressure cooker is 8 years, and the service life of the SS pressure cooker is 10 years.

2. In daily life, the frequency of use of household pressure cookers is basically not as high as an average of 1 hour per day, so the use time can be appropriately extended. However, when the pressure cooker is habitually leaking and dripping, it means that the pressure cooker should be scrapped.

Ⅱ. What are the key points for safe use of pressure cooker?

1. Do not put a rag or other things on the pressure limiting valve, because this may cause the pressure limiting valve to be blocked and cause an accident.

2. Before using the pressure cooker, check whether the lid is well sealed, whether the exhaust system is unobstructed, and whether the pressure limiting valve is in place.

3. The food in the pressure cooker should not exceed 4/5 of the capacity (including the height of the liquid level), and it is best not to exceed 2/3 of the capacity for legumes, so as to prevent the food from being steamed and producing gas to cause expansion and block the exhaust holes. However, the food in the pot should not be too little.

4. In addition, check whether the rubber gasket is aging. The use of rubber seals will relax and age over time. The aging of the rubber ring may cause the pressure cooker to leak, so it must be updated in time.

5. The lid and the pot body must be the original equipment or the matching model. Do not use a pressure cooker that does not match the lid and the pot body, otherwise it is very easy to cause danger.

6. The pressure cooker should not be opened midway. After the food is cooked, the pressure cooker should be properly cooled. It is not advisable to open the pressure limiting valve immediately. You can rinse the lid with cold water to make the temperature drop quickly and reduce the pressure. Wait until the pressure limiting valve has no airflow before opening the lid.

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