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Gas Stove Pressure Cooker

Nowadays, it is very common for families to use electricity to cook, but once in a while, there is a power outage. You don't want to go out to eat and cook for yourself, so the average family has a gas stove, but how to use it to cook rice safely and correctly?

1. The first thing is to scoop the rice, and the rice bag usually has a plastic measuring device. A full cup is enough for two people. After preparing the required rice, you can add other things according to your style, like oats. Or you can increase the consistency by adding green beans.

2. Boil water. When you use the high pressure gas cooker, you should first open the gas bottle below, mostly turn to the right 90 degrees, then turn on the upper gas stove, hold the switch, press the switch, turn left to open the fire. For the first time, the stove may not be burning, let go of the original place. On the second turn on, remember to hold down the knob. Don't worry, the fire won't burn you. Of course, put the pressure cooker on the stove before turning on the fire.

3. After the water is ready, add it to rice. Adding boiled water usually makes the rice more quickly cooked. Normally there's a scale in the pressure cooker pot, but it's hard to tell because it’s inside. You can follow the fixed round position of the two grains on the wall of the pot by adding a cup of rice to the point below them. If you like to eat thick rice can be less, and then the water is not too full, water-filled to the edge of the pot down 4~5cm. After the rice is cooked, it will generally expand to the original 2~3 times.  

4. Close the lid. The gap should be aligned to a particular location and closed as soon as it turned from the outside. You must be careful to put the exhaust valve on. Otherwise, when the pressure cooker starts working, your pressure cooker will explode without an exhaust valve.

5. Start the fire. You need to wait around for a while, and after about three to four minutes or less time, the pressure cooker emits a whiff of the exhaust. But don't be afraid, and then the pressure cooker will start spitting bubbles (water vapor). And when it's done, the safety valve will drop off the lid and you can turn off the fire (if the food in the pan is sweet potato, it doesn’t spit bubbles when the pressure cooker is boiled).

6. Don't open the lid of the pressure cooker immediately after turning off the stove fire. In fact, you cannot open, you need to wait for the exhaust valve to vent the air inside. When the pressure in the pot drops, you poke the valve with chopsticks after it's not exhaled and dropped down, then you can take the vent valve away and open the lid. There your rice will be ready.

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