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For Porridge, What Are the Differences Between a Pressure Cooker and an Ordinary Pot?

1. The pressure cooker takes a short time to cook porridge

The pressure cooker takes a short time to cook porridge. This is because the pressure of the pressure cooker is relatively high, the pressure is high, the food inside cooks quickly, and the water evaporates less. It usually takes a few minutes to cook the porridge, which saves time. The ordinary pot cooking porridge takes a long time, relatively speaking, it is not as fast as a pressure cooker.

2. The pressure cooker requires less water to cook porridge

The high-quality pressure cooker has a short cooking time due to the high pressure. During the cooking process, less water is consumed, so much less water is needed. It takes a long time to cook porridge in an ordinary pot to cook the porridge well. So in the process of cooking food, more water needs to be consumed. This means that a lot of water needs to be added to the ordinary pot to cook porridge, and the amount of water to be added is more than twice that of the pressure cooker.

3. The porridge cooked in a high-quality pressure cooker looks good

Due to the high pressure of the pressure cooker, the food will be cooked quickly when the pressure cooker is used to cook porridge, the rice grains are full and not separated, and the appearance is very beautiful. In the ordinary pot, because the cooking time is relatively long, the rice grains will be deformed due to the cooking and stirring during the cooking process.

4. The porridge cooked in a high-quality pressure cooker is more viscous

The high quality pressure cooker has a high pressure and a short cooking time, so the porridge cooked is thicker and softer. In the ordinary pot, it takes a long time to make it thicker, and it has to be stirred constantly to achieve the desired thickening effect. If you add too little water and don't stir it, the bottom of the pot will be glued, and the taste of the porridge will be even worse. Therefore, the taste of ordinary pot porridge is not good.

The pressure cooker and the ordinary pot have their own characteristics, and the porridge cooked with a high-quality pressure cooker is better.

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