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Features of the Pressure Cooker and the Group it is Suitable for?


1. Time saving and fast speed: shortening cooking time by 2/3

2. Energy saving and carbon reduction: reducing energy consumption by about 70%

3. More healthy: research shows that more than 50% of the nutrients can be retained

4. Simple operation: set the timer and no need to monitor all the time

5. Multiple functions: stewing, roasting and frying

6. Being clean: no need to clean too many pots and pans, and will not splash the stove


1. Need to be handled with caution

2. Easy to get burned when releasing steam

3. Some might think that pressure cooker cuisine is not as delicious as traditional low heat cooking

Suitable groups

1. Busy office workers

2. Busy parents

3. Housewives who cook several dishes for a meal

4. People with poor cooking skills

5. People who don't bother to clean up

6. Stew lovers

7. Enviromentalists

8. People who have limited kitchen space

Is the pressure cooker safe?

Definitely! The pressure cooker ≠ explosion. At present, the pressure cookers on the market are all equipped with multiple safety devices: exhaust valve, safety valve and safety window. When the pressure in the boiler reaches a certain degree, the exhaust valve will automatically deflate. If the exhaust valve is blocked, the  air will exhaust from the safety valve. If both the exhaust valve and the safety valve are blocked, the safety air window will exhaust.

Upper cover lock: ensure the pressure cooker is closed tightly.

Pressure Cooker