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Common Sense of the Correct Use of Pressure Cookers in Stainless Steel

Safety principles for using pressure cookers in stainless steel:

1. The parts of the pressure cookers in stainless steel cannot be changed at will. Remember that the pressure cooker can only use the parts produced by our factory.

2. Do not heat the pressure cookers in stainless steel without food in.

3. Children should be prevented from approaching when using pressure cookers in stainless steel.

4. When heating, ensure that the pot body is placed on the fire source smoothly.

5. When moving the pressure cookers in stainless steel, it should be lifted smoothly, handle with care, no dragging.

6. If it is found that the pressure cookers in stainless steel is abnormal (such as knock deformation and other signs of damage), it should be immediately stopped using, and sent to the pressure cooker service station for maintenance, and shall not be repaired by yourself.

7. Do not add weight to the pressure limiting valve or replace the pressure limiting valve with other heavy objects.

8. Minors should not use pressure cookers in stainless steel.

9. A pressure cooker in stainless steel should not be used for any other purpose than cooking.


1. Pressure cookers in stainless steel have a certain pressure when heating, and accidents are easy to occur if it is operated improperly. Therefore, it must be operated in strict accordance with the usage method described in this manual.

2, The service life of the sealing ring with the pot is one year, after the service life, please replace the sealing ring in time, Only pressure cookers in stainless steel special sealing ring of the same specification can be used, when replacing the pressure limiting valve, only the complete set of pressure limiting valve (including exhaust pipe and valve body) can be used, replacement of a single valve body or pressure limiting valve of other pressure specifications is strictly prohibited.

Maintenance of pressure cookers in stainless steel:

A. The Pot Body

Every time after cooking food, the food should be taken out in time, and you should wash and dry the pot body, so as to avoid residual food, especially substances with acid and alkaline will corrode pot body. To clean pressure cookers, you should use hot water or hot water with detergent, do not use steel wire ball and other scrub things that wear a lot.

B. Exhaust rod and anti-blocking device

Each time after using, you should take off the plug facing the light source to check whether the exhaust rod hole and the cover is blocked.

C. Each time after using the safety valve, alarm valve and check valve, you need to check whether the safety valve, alarm valve and check valve are clean or not. Please flush them with hot clean water.

D. The sealing ring should be cleaned with clean water and detergent after each use, and placed on the pot cover or in a ventilated and dry place to dry, avoid being placed in direct sunlight or near the fire source, and put the sealing ring on the correct position of the pot cover when it is used again.

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