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Common Sense of Pressure Cookers

The difference between pressure cooker and ordinary cooker 

Pressure cooker is also called high-pressure cooker and pressure pot. The advantages of using pressure cooker are that the cooking time is short, the cooking materials are cooked faster, and about one third of the cooking time can be saved. Moreover, the cooked food tastes good, especially the meat which is not easy to cook becomes easy to cook and tastes good. With pressure cooker, stewed elbow and stewed beef tendon  is soft rotten to enter the realm of instant. And the same ingredients, the same time, simmering beef in an ordinary cooker will lose some of its chew, or it may fail to be chewed at all.

Working principle of pressure cooker 

The higher the pressure, the higher the boiling point of water. At 1 atmospheric pressure, the boiling point of water is 100 ℃. When the pressure cooker is working, it will form a relatively closed environment. When heating, the steam generated cannot be completely dispersed into the air. The air pressure in the pressure cooker will be higher than 1 atmospheric pressure, and the boiling point of water will also be higher than 100 ℃. For example, in high altitude areas, because of low pressure and low boiling point of water, the use of pressure cooker can avoid the problem of low boiling point of water and difficulty in cooking food.

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Safety of pressure cooker

Many people are worried that the pressure cooker will explode. In fact, the explosion of pressure cooker is very difficult and rare. The main causes of explosion are: the pressure valve is blocked, the cooking time is too long, the service life is exceeded, and the boiler is forced to open or pull the safety valve without cooling down. At present, the pressure cooker on the market is equipped with multiple safety devices, such as the cover lock: ensure that the pressure cooker is closed tightly; the main exhaust valve and the auxiliary exhaust valve: if the pressure in the pot is too high, the main exhaust valve will release the excessive pressure. If the main exhaust valve is blocked, it will exhaust from the auxiliary exhaust valve.

In a word, for safety, don't cook too many things in the pressure cooker. Both the water level and the food should not exceed two thirds of the capacity. When using the classic pressure cooker , you should turn off the fire in time. The service life of pressure cooker is 8 years, do not exceed this time. If it is found that the bottom of the pressure cooker is bulging outward, air escapes from the edge of the lid, and the cooking time is obviously not as fast as before, it should be replaced.

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