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Can the Silicone Mitts Be Used in the Oven?

1. The role of silicone mitts

Silicone gloves, also called heat-insulating gloves, microwave oven gloves, anti-scald gloves. Its material is environmentally friendly silicone. Different from the hand warmth and labor protection of conventional gloves, the main function of silicone gloves is to heat insulation and prevent burns. It is suitable for home kitchen and cake baking industry. The manufacturing process is high temperature vulcanization molding by hydraulic press.

2. Best silicone oven mitts

The material used for silicone gloves is food-grade silicone material, which can withstand high temperatures up to 250 degrees. Silicone gloves are soft and comfortable to the touch. It has good toughness, is not easy to tear, does not stick to water, does not stick to oil, and is easy to clean. Silicone gloves can be used in both low and high temperature environments, such as refrigerators, ovens or microwave ovens. Silicone gloves are available in various colors and specifications, with novel styles and avant-garde fashion.

The silicone mitt is the best for ovens. After each use, dilute the edible detergent with hot water or wash it in the dishwasher. Do not use corrosive cleaners or foam for cleaning. Make sure that the silicone gloves are thoroughly dried before each use and before storage.

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