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Can the Pressure Cooker Be Used Without the Pressure Valve?

1. Can you use a stainless steel pressure cooker without a pressure valve?

You can't use a stainless steel pressure cooker without a pressure valve. Before use, first of all, check whether the ventilation hole of the lid is smooth, and whether the pressure cooker lid safety valve is intact.

The pressure cooker should not be filled with too much food, and generally the food placed should not exceed two-thirds of the height of the cooker. For more easily expandable food (such as seaweed, green beans, corn, etc.), should not exceed half of the pot body. When closing the lid, check the lid and the pot's closing mark to make sure the lid is completely snapped shut and do not use excessive force. After closing the lid for heating, if you see more steam coming out of the pressure limiting vent, then snap on the pressure limiting valve lid.

When the pressure cooker lid safety valve makes a large hissing sound, to immediately lower the temperature. When cooking, if you find the safety plug exhaust, to replace the new fusible piece in time, do not use wire, cloth and other things to block.

2. The principle of pressure cooker

The principle of the pressure cooker is very simple. Because the boiling point of water is affected by air pressure, the higher the air pressure, the higher the boiling point. In the high mountains and plateaus, the air pressure is less than 1 atmosphere, and the temperature is less than 100 ℃ when the water can boil.

When the air pressure is greater than 1 atmosphere, the water will boil only when it is higher than 100℃. People commonly used pressure cooker is designed using this principle. The pressure cooker closes the water quite tightly, and the water vapor produced by the evaporation of the heat cannot be diffused into the air.

A high temperature and pressure environment is formed inside the pressure cooker, and the rice is quickly cooked and quite soft. Of course, there is a limit to the pressure inside the pressure cooker, or it will explode.

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