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Can a Pressure Cooker be Used on an Induction Cooker? What should We Pay Attention to When Using Pressure Cooker?

Many people now use stainless steel pressure cooker at home because of its fast cooking speed. However, there are a lot of things that people have no clue about pressure cookers, such as whether they can be used on induction cookers. Do not operate without knowing the right answer. In order to use the cooker more assured, people have to know the following notes.

1. Can a pressure cooker be used on an induction cooker?

Our stainless steel pressure cooker adopts three-layer impact bonding at the bottom, with 430 in the outermost, aluminum in the middle, and 304 stainless steel in the innermost, which is suitable for all stoves.

2. Pay attention to the following notes when using stainless steel pressure cooker:

  • The upper and lower handles must overlap

  • Do not over pressurize

  • No oversized content

  • The lid cannot be opened halfway

  • Closely mind the heat

After the above explanation, I believe you already have a clue whether the pressure cooker can be used on the induction cooker. You also need to know the precautions before using the pressure cooker, so as to operate more safely.

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