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Advantages of Stainless Pressure Cooker

It is said that the technology has its own specialty, and cooking is the same. A kind of pot can make a dish, and the effect is always amazing. Today, I'd like to talk about a kind of cooker, which is the common stainless pressure cooker in our kitchen. Maybe some friends will ask what's special about it? We should know that the concept of energy conservation and emission reduction, and healthy diet have given birth to the means of high-pressure cooking. Stainless pressure cooker is no longer only used for cooking meat food, but many stainless pressure cooker steaming seafood has also opened up a variety of new ways to play.

In many people's impression, stainless pressure cooker is a very dangerous product. In fact, the major cause of the accident is caused by improper operation, not by product quality problems. Here's a little more popular knowledge. The working principle of stainless pressure cooker is to increase the boiling point of water by applying pressure to the liquid under high pressure, so as to make water reach a higher temperature without boiling to speed up the cooking efficiency. If in the cooking process, the pressure in the pot cannot be vented, it is possible to explode and cause injury.

Then some people may ask, what if the pressure regulating valve is blocked, and pressure can't be relieved? Don't worry. The stainless pressure cooker also has other safety guarantees. The part you can see at the handle end is called the safety valve. This safety valve has two major functions. First, when a certain pressure is generated in the pot, the safety valve will rise to prevent the stainless pressure cooker from being opened under pressure. The second is that if the pressure regulating valve is blocked, it will automatically open to release the pressure. Only when the pressure in the pot is discharged, can the upper cover be pushed open.

Thanks to the stainless material and super magnetic conductivity, stainless pressure cooker can be applied to open stove, induction cooker, electric ceramic furnace and electric furnace. After all, the products without furnace selection are good ones.

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